The Living Village

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Authentic Native American Living Village

Authentic Native American Living Village

A Working Village at Bending Water Park

The Accohannock Indian Tribe, Inc. is building a Living Village on Maryland's Eastern Shore as a future economic development and self-sufficiency project. The Native American Living Village is much like an early Algonquin-speaking Eastern Woodlands Indian village surrounded by a palisade fence. The first watermen of the Chesapeake lived in such villages along the rivers and bays. The villages had longhouses, wickiups and gardens surrounded by palisade fences.

The village will demonstrate the daily life of the Accohannock by having American Indians engage in activities like basket weaving, cooking, dancing, gardening, and hunting and fishing. They will interact with visitors, welcoming them into the village and teaching them Indian words and skills. They will prepare native foods like corn, squash, wild rice, wild game, fish, oysters, and crabs.

The Native American Living Village is in Bending Water Park next to the pond and the Indian Water Trails. Special events like the The Annual Fall Festival and Pau-Wau already take place in the village's dance circle. On site are several wickiups (roundhouses) and a long house which supervised groups, such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, may reserve for their own unique escape into the past.

You can help build the Living Village by becoming a Friend of the Accohannock.