Bending Water Park

Water Trails · Primitive Camping

Maryland State Art Council's Maryland Traditions
2014 ALTA AWARED winner for Achievement
in Living Traditions and Arts of Outstanding
Places, Peoples, and Traditions


The 2016 PauWau was great!.
Indian Water Trails
Camping and Canoeing
Camping and Canoeing
by appointment only
Paddle through marshes and along old Indian camps, village sites, and bird sanctuaries learning the names and uses that the original people had for plants, animals, birds, and fish.
The Living Village
The Living Village
Authentic Indian Village
We're building a Native American Living Village much like an early Eastern Woodlands Indian village, with longhouses, wickiups and gardens surrounded by a palisade fence.
Festival & Pau-Wau
Annual Pau-Wau
Healing of All Nations
October 21 & 22, 2017
The Annual Fall Festival and Pau-Wau is held at Bending Water Park every fall. The Pau-wau features drumming, dancing and singing, plus crafts and food. Bring lawn chairs and blankets.
Escape to a different time and place...